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Welcome to Container Drivers Radio

We aim to please with something old, new and downright off the wall.

If there's a tune you'd like us to play or you're a band and want us to play your track then drop us an email at .

We look forward to hearing from you, all feedback is welcome.

26th August 2016


  1. The Fall – In These Times
  2. Marielle V Jakobsons – Dusty Trails
  3. David Thomas Broughton – Words of Art
  4. Zefur Wolves – Your Days Are Numbered
  5. The Damned - Hit Or Miss
  6. Geneva Jacuzzi – The Sleep Room
  7. I Break Horses – Empty Bottles
  8. Smog – I Break Horses
  9. Tomas More – Eating You Is the Only Solution Left
  10. Giorgio Murderer - Get Murdered By A Robot
  11. Descendants – Parents
  12. Boredoms – 7^
  13. The Wedding Present – Suck
  14. Thomas Koner - Tiento de la Lux 1

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