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21st October 2016


  1. The Fall - Impression Of J. Temperance
  2. The Amazing Snakeheads – I’m A Vampire
  3. The Bongolian – B-Boy Toga Party
  4. Glam Skanks – Teenage Drag Queen
  5. Rusted Shut – Shot In the Head
  6. Gold Panda – Time Eater
  7. Acid Arab – Medahat
  8. Las Kellies – Typical Bitch
  9. Kevin Coyne – Do Not Shout At Me Father
  10. SURVIVE – Sorcerer
  11. The Dustaphonics – Johnny & Bo
  12. Catholic Girlfriends – 3AM
  13. Psychedelic Horseshit – We’re Pink Floyd, Bitch
  14. Tacocat – Cat Fancy
  15. Luke Haines – Marc Bolan Blues
  16. The Garden – Vexhation
  17. Preoccupations – Degraded
  18. Oh Hiroshima - Drones


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