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Saturday - 5th July 2014

Playlist - Part 1

  1. The Fall - Y.F.O.C. Slippy Floor
  2. Joshua Caole - Pleased To have You
  3. Flies on You - Can you smell that burning noise
  4. Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Orange Juice
  5. Luke Haines - Lou Reed Lou Reed
  6. Kill Pretty - Clever Men Who Have Thin Arms
  7. Wozniak - New Hampshire
  8. Leaving Richmond - I Look Forward To Meeting You Yesterday
  9. The Phantom Band - Doom Patrol
  10. Kraftwerk - Aerodynamic HQ
  11. Jean Jaques Perry and Luke Vibert - Moog Acid 138

Playlist - Part 2

  1. Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention - Flower Punk
  2. The Draynes - Gimme Sympathy
  3. Palace of Swords - (We Are) The New Hyperboreans
  4. Moth Effect - Dear Fuzz
  5. Union Carbide Productions - Ring My Bell
  6. Ween - Mushroom Festival In Hell
  7. Tic and Toc - Jibba Jab
  8. Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
  9. The Lairy Bitch Project - North of The Ping Pong
  10. British Sea Power - Flavours In The Beetroot Fields
  11. Paws - Error Humaine
  12. Egg Man - Beastie Boys
  13. Rob Jo Star Band - Acid Revolution
  14. Fucked Up - Touch Stone

18 June 2014 - Limited Edition Compilation CDs released

We're delighted to announce the release of 2 compilation CDs in collaboration with Russian Winter Records.

"In the Container Tonight" Vol 1 and 2 feature unreleased tracks from artists who have appeared on our shows, they are available in CD and digital formats from Bandcamp.

Check them out now at Bandcamp

In The Container Tonight Vol.1 cover art

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